Adventure4Life Studios

An independent game development studio founded in 2015 by Yakir Israel. The studio is currently working hard on its first commercial game: Plot of the Druid, a fantasy point-and-click adventure.


Yakir Israel

CEO, Director, Writer, Designer, Programmer
The mind behind “Plot of the Druid”,  he lives, sleeps and eats thinking about his project. His hand is the one on the trigger. Yakir is an enthusiastic retro lover, who has a sweet spot for all kinds of adventure games.

By holding a B.Sc degree in computers engineering, Yakir had the opportunity to work in the high-tech industry by day and the gaming industry by night.

He also contributed to a non-profit fans project, and remastered Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, one of his favorite adventure games.

Yakir has led many projects, but this was the most fun. So he decided to leave the high-tech world and fulfill his dream -  making video games!

Aaron Loehrlein

Writer, Text Editor
Aaron has an advanced degree in information science and cognitive
science, and he spent several years working in higher education.

Before joining Adventure4Life, Aaron revised and edited the text for The
Last Door: Season 2, a horror adventure game set in Victorian England.

He’s delighted to contribute to the dry, darkly humorous world of
Plot of the Druid.

Aaron loves all kinds of fantasy stories and is a huge fan of J.R.R Tolkien,
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Michel Fortin

Background & Character Artist, Animator
Michel is a great fan of  sci-fi and fantasy, and he loves thrillers and horror stories too.

For as long as Michel can remember, he has drawn. It has always been his passion, and he has done a lot to upgrade his art over the years. For many reasons, he wasn't able to make a living from his art, and he became a construction worker. Nevertheless, he never stopped drawing.

But now, as time change and with great help of Yakir, Michel is able to work full time as illustrator and he is very proud to take part in this wonderful game.

Zevik Perry

Music Composer, Sound Designer
About 60% water and 40% dreamer, Zevik has always loved a good story.

He likes playing games, synths, traveling, wall climbing and being a dad. He currently works as an audio designer for Avalanche Studios and contributing music and sound design for other promising indie titles. In addition, Zevik works with Bungie as an orchestrator (Destiny 2 and all the DLCs).

Plot of the Druid’s beautiful visual style and gameplay takes Zevik back to his childhood. Working with the team is a truly meaningful collaboration.